Legal Immigrant Association Credit Card

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Legal Immigrant Association Credit CardThe Legal Immigrant Association credit card is offered to members of this group which was formed in 2007. Its initial members were a group of Silicon Valley engineers.

This organization provides support to skilled immigrants who are waiting to be issued a green card. Under the immigration system a person may have to wait for up to 10 years to receive this document. During that time, they are required to work for the same employer without being promoted to a different position.

The Legal Immigrant Association wants to get the backlog of green card applications cleared so that skilled immigrant workers can have access to the same opportunities as U.S. citizens, including the option of being self-employed. Compare other credit card rates today!

Legal Immigrant Association Credit Card Features

Customers who choose this card can take advantage of a 0% APR (Annual Percentage Rate) for the first six months after the account is opened. There is no annual fee to use the card.

Once the introductory period has passed, the standard APR is 11.15%. This is a variable rate that rises and falls with changes to the prime rate. Balance transfer credit card transactions are subject to the 11.15% APR, and there is a transfer fee of 3% or a $15 minimum charged to customers.

The fee for cash advance credit card transactions is 15.15%, and this is also a variable rate. There is no interest-free grace period granted to customers who wish to access funds in this way.

The over-limit fee for this card is $35. If a customer defaults on his or her payments, the interest rate on the card goes up to 23.75%.

Legal Immigrant Association Credit Card Benefits

The Legal Immigrant Association card offers customers credit card rewards points on purchases made. Customers who buy from selected merchants receive up to 15 points for every dollar they spend.

The points may be redeemed for merchandise or gift cards. They can even be used toward travel expenses.

Legal Immigrant Association Credit Card Helps

The first time a new accountholder uses his or her card, the issuing bank will make a $50 donation to the Association. Ongoing donations are made every time the card is used. Compare other online credit card offers now!

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