LGE Community Credit Union Achiever Credit Card

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LGE Community Credit Union Achiever Credit CardThe LGE Community Credit Union Achiever credit card is a great card for people with no credit history. While many cards charge higher interest rates for people with limited or no credit history, LGE offers lower-than-average rates with an easier application process.

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In order to apply for the LGE CCU Achiever credit card, you must first be a member of LGE Community Credit Union. LGE serves the people of Cobb, Paulding, Cherokee, and Fulton counties in Georgia.

LGE CCU Achiever Credit Card Helps You Achieve Better Credit

The LGE CCU Achiever card does not charge any of the customary fees–no application, annual, transfer, or cash advance fees. The APR is 13.99%. LGE even allows you to design your own credit card with different images or photos.

The LGE Achiever is designed to help its members build credit that can be useful to them in the future.

MSN Money’s article “Raise your credit score to 740″ recommends a goal of building your credit score up to at least 740. MSN Money recommends using a credit card and then paying the balance off each month religiously in order to build credit without busting your budget.

LGE CCU Achiever Credit Card and Visa

While the LGE Achiever is a special card, it is still a Visa credit card, accepted at millions of places around the world. This also means that Achiever cardholders will enjoy all of the security benefits of a Visa, like the Fraud Detection Service.

This free program monitors your account, looking for suspicious activity. If something does appear suspicious, a fraud monitor will call you to verify the purchase and they can then block any further activity if the card has been compromised.

You can also register the card with the Verified by Visa program. This is a free program that helps protect you from fraudulent online purchases. These are harder to prevent because the thief doesn’t need the actual card–just the number. By registering your Achiever card, you’ll establish a password that will be required for any online purchase, giving you an additional layer of protection.

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