LL Bean Credit Card

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The LL Bean Credit Card is a very convenient credit card for anyone who loves to shop at L.L. Bean. It gives you special privileges at the store that you would not be eligible for otherwise.

L.L. Bean is a retailer of outdoor wear and outdoor equipment. They carry outerwear, footwear and all types of casual clothing for women, men and children. They also have outdoor gear for hunting and fishing, luggage and home goods. Their style is very country. Get other online credit card offers now!

Whether you choose the LL Bean Credit Card or another type of card that gives you the added bonuses you are looking for in a credit card, it makes sense to compare them first.

LL Bean Credit Card Benefits and Features

The LL Bean Credit Card charges no annual fee for its use. There is an introductory 0% APR for the first 6 billing cycles on balance transfer credit card use. After that the standard APR ranges raises to 13.99%, 16.99% or 19.99%, depending on the Prime Rate and your credit score.

The extras that come with using the L.L. Bean Visa Card include free shipping on orders, free return-shipping all year and free monogramming. You get a $10 bonus coupon following your first use of the credit card. Coupon lookup and express checkout are two more of the perks from this card.

Responsible Use of the LL Bean Credit Card

As with all credit cards, it is important to remember that the extra benefits you get from the use of retail credit cards can easily be undone by paying out too much in interest and fees. Be sure to pay your credit card in a timely manner and pay it off completely every month in order to get the maximum benefit from its use.

Examine the LL Bean Credit Card Now

Take the time to compare and contrast the LL Bean Credit Card with other credit cards that may be a good choice for you before making your selection. You can get started with such credit card offers quickly and easily by clicking on an online credit card comparison tool now!

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One Cardholder Review for the “LL Bean Credit Card”

  1. J. Ferguson says:
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    This is the worst credit card I have ever owned. After they received a payment 2 days late, they changed my interest rate to 29.99%! When I called to discuss..I had never had a payment late in the 3 years I had the account…they said there was nothing they could do! Because my balance was a bit high, this KILLED me trying to pay off, which I fiinally did. PLEASE do not get this card. They are rude, unreputable, and have NO customer service.

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