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Los Angeles Dodgers Credit CardThis Los Angeles Dodgers credit card reviews discusses the issued MasterCard as a way for you to display your team loyalty to the major league baseball team the Los Angeles Dodgers. The LA Dodgers are the winning-est team in the MLB and they have the most loyal fans as well.

The LA Dodgers actually started out as a baseball team in the New York Bronx in 1883. In 1958 they made the move to LA, where they have been every since. During this time, the Dodgers have won 21 National Pennants, which is the most for any MLB team, 10 National League Western Titles and 6 World Series Titles. Compare with other credit card offers today!

They have had a rivalry with the San Francisco Giants that dates back to the time with the Dodgers were still in New York. Now you have a way to prove how you feel about your favorite MLB team with your Los Angeles Dodgers credit card.

Lost Angeles Dodgers Credit Card Overview

The Los Angeles Dodgers Credit Card is offered by Bank of America. This is a rewards credit card that is strictly for MLB purchases. While you will earn one rewards point for every $1 you spend anywhere, you can only spend your rewards points at MLB.com.

There is no annual fee for the Los Angeles Dodgers Extra Bases Credit Card by MasterCard, and there is a 0% introductory APR offer for 7 to 10 billing cycles. The catch here is that the 0% APR only applies to purchases made in the first 60 days after you receive your card. Standard APR starts at 12.99% and goes as high as 20.99%.

There is no penalty APR if you are late or have a bounced payment, but Bank of America does charge a 4% fee for all balance transfer credit card transactions and a 5% fee for cash advance credit card activity. They also charge the maximum amount allowed by law for bounced payments, late fees and over the limit fees.

Los Angeles Dodgers Credit Card Benefits

  • Low APR
  • No annual fee
  • 20% discount at MLB.com
  • Get free merchandise with rewards points

Los Angeles Dodgers Credit Card Considerations

  • Limited rewards program
  • Good to excellent credit required to qualify
  • 60 days to get 0% APR on purchases

You can apply for the Los Angeles Dodgers sports credit card right now or use our free credit card chaser tool to find credit card offers that better suit your needs.

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