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Los Angeles Sparks Credit CardThe Los Angeles Sparks is one of the original teams that joined the WMBA; unfortunately, if you are looking for a Los Angeles Sparks credit card to show your support and loyalty, you are out of luck. Neither the WMBA or the Los Angeles Sparks are sponsored by any credit card companies, which means that you are going to have to find other ways to support your favorite WMBA team. Compare online credit cards here!

Initially, Discover offered a WMBA credit card that you could have your favorite team logo on. However, this card was only available for about a year and then the backing bank cancelled it. Current cardholders kept their WMBA sports credit card until the card expired and then were provided with a replacement card that did not have the WMBA logo on it.

The Los Angeles Sparks is a feisty team with a lot of spirit. For most of the franchises career, the Sparks have been on top of their game, placing first and second in their division for eight years in a row. Although they had a couple of bad years, in their 13 year existence, they have only been out of the leader board twice.

Los Angeles Sparks Credit Card: Support the Team with Other Options

If you are looking for a way to support the Los Angeles Sparks, then you should start by going to their games. You can purchase game tickets with your credit card at the WMBA.com website. You can also purchase team jerseys, shirts, caps and more.

If you have a rewards credit card, this is an excellent way to stack up your points while still getting to see the Sparks in action. With two championship wins, they are looking to put a third under their belt this year.

Los Angeles Sparks Credit Card: What Kind of Card to Look For

You might want to consider an MBA credit card as there are several available. The benefit here is that you get the same discounts with an MBA card as you would if it were a WMBA card. This includes discounts at MBA and WMBA.com, game ticket discounts, and rewards points that can be used to purchase Sparks fan merchandise.

Finding a Credit Card to Use for Los Angeles Sparks Purchases

Use our credit card chaser tool to compare online credit card offers now!

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