Loyola University New Orleans Credit Card

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Loyola University New Orleans Credit CardA Loyola University New Orleans credit card does not exist. However, they do have their Express Card. The Express Card is a student only card that can be used virtually anywhere on the Loyola University campus.

You can use your Express Card as your student ID, to pay for books in the bookstore, check out books from the library and more; but it is not one the coveted student credit cards you may be seeking. You can also use your card to purchase food from the campus cafeteria or any of the food stations on campus. Look for other online credit card offers now!

The Express Card is similar to a prepaid debit credit card. You open an account with the school and you can use your card for as long as you have money in your account. Once the account is empty, you cannot use it for any purchases, but it still serves as your library card and student ID.

The downside is that this is not a credit card or even a secured credit card that will allow you to build your credit. To do that you will need to consider your other options.

Credit Cards for Loyola University New Orleans Students

Student credit cards are specifically designed to help students build limited or non-existing credit. Student credit cards typically have higher interest rates than standard credit cards but not by much.

Every credit card company, with the exception of American Express, offers student credit cards. They do, however, require that you have no credit or limited credit. In other words, these are not bad credit credit cards.

Secured Credit Cards of Loyola University New Orleans Students

Secured cards work much the same way as a credit card as they still report to crediting agencies. The difference is, a secured card requires you to maintain a balance in an account with the credit card company.

Most have a maximum amount of money you can deposit and the same fees and interest rates apply to a secured card as they do to a traditional credit card. Secured cards are best for those who are concerned about spending and for students who have bad credit.

Choosing Your Loyola University New Orleans Credit Card

Choosing the right credit card is easy. Start by using our free chaser tool and compare credit card offers today!

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