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Deutsche Lufthansa is Germany’s flag carrier airline, as well at the largest in that country. It is the 2nd largest air carrier in Europe and the 5th largest in the world. Lufthansa partners with other airlines to offer Europe’s largest combined network of airports and destinations serviced.

Now, Lufthansa travelers can have an even better experience with their favorite airline by using the Lufthansa Miles & More Credit Card.

The Lufthansa Credit Card is a MasterCard issued by Barclays Bank Delaware, so it’s good anywhere in the world MasterCard is accepted.

Its mileage reward program lets travelers earn free mileage for future travel with the airline.

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Lufthansa makes application easy by providing links at their website. The links will take you to a secure website where the application can be completed in a matter of minutes. A completed application generates a printable form which must be printed and mailed, along with identity verification, to the address provided.

Lufthansa Credit Card Terms

There are two flavors of the Lufthansa credit card: the Classic card and the Premier card. The Classic card carries an $85 annual fee while the premier charges $50. Both offer a 0% introductory APR on purchases and on balance transfer credit card transactions for six months. After that, the standard APR increases 14.24% for purchases and transfers, and 20.24% for cash advance credit card transactions.

Since Lufthansa is a German entity a 1% foreign conversion fee is assessed for currencies other than the euro. The default APR is a punitive 30.24%.

Lufthansa Credit Card Miles Rewards

The Classic card awards new cardholders with 15,000 miles upon first purchase; Premier travel credit card holders get 20,000. Miles for both cards are earned at a rate of one mile for every dollar in net purchases.

The Premier card offers a special bonus of two miles per dollar spent with selected participating retailers. Both cards provide for one free companion ticket annually.

With the reward miles, the Lufthansa business credit card is a great option for company travel.

Other Lufthansa Credit Card Benefits

The Lufthansa Credit Card offers other card holder benefits including MasterCard Paypass and SecureCode, online account management, online transfer service which earns bonus miles, travel cancellation service, special travel deals for hotels and car rentals, partner lounges at many airports, travel health insurance, and much more.

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3 Cardholder Reviews for the “Credit Card from Lufthansa”

  1. Giacomo Fiorin says:
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    It seems a fairly good deal for the purpose of acquiring miles with Lufthansa, but there is a pretty huge caveat that cuts off many potential customers.

    Barclays requires applicants to be US citizens or permanent residents (i.e. green card). Individuals who have legally lived in the US for years, but on a visa, are automatically excluded.

    This restriction is not visible until one is almost at the end of the online application, and it is not clearly understood by Barclays’ representatives, either. Some will say it’s for US citizens only, some will say it’s OK also with a visa.

    It took me hours and multiple calls before I found a competent representative who explained to me in detail that although my credit record was good, I can’t be eligible because of my early immigration status.

    I can’t understand why Lufthansa would accept these restrictions, because a lot of its customers are people working in the US who frequently fly to Europe.

    In my opinion, Lufthansa should withdraw from the agreement with Barclays as soon as possible.

  2. Tall Texan says:
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    Lufthansa/Barclays Miles and More Master Card: not a good card for free air tickets! Why, the Award Miles you accumulate do not cover the taxes and fees. Example, overseas round trip may cost $1100US: the fare is $430 but the taxes are $670. Therefore, you pay the $670. The $430 used up 100,000 award miles. It is nothing but a poor discount scheme.

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    The Barclay card sign-up bonus of 50,000 miles can provide great value. 3 First Class awards in the newly refurbished United p.s. service from LAX/JFK to NYC with no fuel surcharges are a fantastic value for a single credit inquiry!

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