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Mack Credit CardTruck drivers know how difficult it can be between jobs to manage fuel and repair costs while still leaving enough money left over for living expenses. Making the effort somewhat easier is the Mack MasterCard issued in partnership with Wright Express, one of the truck industry’s leading payment processing companies.

The Mack credit card is designed to be a business card, available for all the trucker’s business needs wherever MasterCard is accepted. As a business credit card, there are certain benefits such as reporting and purchase control tools to help customers manage their businesses wisely. It rewards users with points that can be redeemed for Mack merchandise, service, and repair. Compare this with other online credit card offers now!

Customers can apply for the Mack fuel credit card by visiting the Mack web site and following the links. There is no online application, but a toll-free number is provided along with a link to a downloadable application. If you choose the download option, be aware that the application will be for Volvo credit – that’s normal. Mack is part of the Volvo Group.

Mack Credit Card – Mack Partnership Rewards

Regardless of whether a card holder is a single owner-operator or the owner of an entire fleet, the Mack rewards credit card program is aimed at building brand loyalty. Users earn one point for every dollar spent, and can redeem those points toward Mack parts and service for their trucks.

For parts and service, each earned point has a face value of $.01 and cannot be redeemed for any amount under $100. If points are applied to the purchase of a new Mack truck, the face value increases to $.015 per point. They can be redeemed at a minimum of 50,000 ($750) and a maximum of 200,000 ($3,000). Only four redemptions per year can be applied toward purchasing a new vehicle with this combination reward and retail credit card.

Mack Credit Card Rates and Terms

Mack’s web site does not list rate and fee information, nor is it found through a basic Internet search. The site does say the card has no annual fee, provides travel insurance, and offers online account management. It is assumed that a call placed to their customer service number would supply the rate information. Compare online credit card offers and rate now!

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