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Make A Wish Credit CardOur original intention was to provide you with a Bank of America Make A Wish Platinum Credit Card review. Unfortunately, due to a variety of circumstances, Bank of America is no longer offering this specific credit card. However, it is still partnering with the Make-A-Wish Foundation to help promote awareness of the charity with Make-A-Wish checking, savings, and retirement accounts.

Even though this specific credit card isn’t being offered anymore, Bank of America is still committed to helping this charity and, therefore, to helping thousands of children with life-threatening illnesses. And they’re also committed to helping you so that you can optimize your ability to support them financially.

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The Origins of a Worthy Cause

The Make-A-Wish Foundation began in 1980, when a town in Arizona rallied together to grant the dying wish of a young boy with leukemia. All his young life, he dreamed of becoming a policeman. On April 29, 1980, seven-year-old Christopher James Greicius was made an honorary police officer for a day. He was given a tour of the city in a police helicopter, and then flown to police headquarters, where he was greeted by three police cruisers and a motorcycle officer. He received a custom-tailored policeman’s uniform from a local tailor and was sworn in as the first honorary Department of Public Safety Officer in the city’s history. Little Christopher died only four days after being granted his wish.

Here’s How You Can Help

While this worthy charity no longer has a credit card, making a Bank of America Make A Wish Platinum Credit Card review a moot point, there are still a variety of ways in which you can support this worthy charity with Bank of America’s help. You can change your checking, savings, or Certificate of Deposit (CD) accounts to reflect the Make-A-Wish brand, promoting awareness of this charity. And you can utilize Bank of America’s “Keep the Change” service, which rounds every check card purchase up to the nearest dollar and deposits the change into your savings account. You can donate that change to the charity.

Instead of a Review, a Call to Action

Since we were unable to provide a Bank of America Make A Wish Platinum Credit Card review for you, we hope that we’ve helped you instead to think about some other ways in which you can support this charity that brings so much hope and joy to the lives of children who are fighting life-threatening illnesses. We hope our alternative to the Bank of America Make a Wish Platinum Credit Card review has done just that.

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