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Mandee Credit CardThis review is for the Mandee Credit Card. Owned and operated by the World Financial National Bank, the Mandee Credit Card offers its customers an exclusive rewards system including coupons.

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Mandee offers clothes, shoes, jewelry, and accessories to its customers, who are primarily teenage girls. Mandee has stores located all over the country as well as an online store. It was established in the late 1940’s and its corporate office is located in New Jersey.

Mandee Credit Card Benefits

The Mandee Credit Card offers many benefits to its customers, including a 15% off coupon with your first purchase with the card, no matter the amount. In addition, a 20% off coupon is included in the welcome kit that arrives in the mail shortly after opening the card.

Cardholders are automatically enrolled in a rewards program that earns points each time a purchase is made with the Mandee Credit Card. This is known as the Mandee Rewards Program.

The rewards include special mailings with coupons and information about upcoming sales and in-store events, a special birthday reward each year during the month of your birthday, as well as the ability to completely manage your account online.

If you have a Mandee Credit Card, you can make your payments either online or in a store.

Mandee Credit Card Details

The Mandee Credit Card is available with no annual fee, and there are also different payment options available including the ability to have a very low monthly payment.

If you manage your account online, you can receive statements through email, view past statements, look at your real-time account activity, add authorized users, and request a credit line increase.

Mandee Credit Card Bottom Line

For people who shop at Mandee consistently, this card is a good choice. With no annual fee, if you are able to pay off the card monthly, you can earn many rewards that can be used to purchase more merchandise from Mandee.

However, if you do not shop at Mandee, it may be better to get a different credit card instead.

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