Mango MasterCard Prepaid Card

The Mango MasterCard Prepaid Card is a prepaid credit card with some nice features that include free direct deposit, free account balance checking from a mobile phone, and no activation fee. Research all credit cards and prepaid credit cards and then decide if you should apply for the Mango credit card today!

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7 Cardholder Reviews for the “Mango MasterCard Prepaid Card”

  1. heyall says:

    um, who’s the editor, the company itself? ICK don’t do this card. I tried it and it costs more than you’d think and then you have THEM to deal with if, god forbid, an internet site charges you when an error message comes up during checkout. They will do abosolutely nothing but call you Mr. or Mrs. (depending on which one you aren’t, which is aparently funny to them) and repeat whatever it is they are saying whilst ignoring you completely. DON’T. Just DON’T.

  2. private says:

    DO NOT GET MANGO MONEY CARD! I have had this card and have had nothing but trouble with it. Sometimes they will restrict access to your card with out even contacting you about it,I found out I could not use my card when I was at a gas station with NO gas, I didn’t have any physical cash one me and it was a complete hassle and inconvenience to go through. so if your stuck some where need gas money or food or some sort of emergency don’t count on getting your OWN money anytime you want. If they decide to close your count they will also not inform you about it, they will keep your money for 8-10 weeks and charge you a $10 processing fee to get a check for the remaining balance sent to your address. Mango Money Card is a joke and in my eyes thief’s! Please help to spread the word about this horrible company and card!

  3. mango user says:

    they just charged me $5 fee even though i put $500 on the card every month. and now i found out the routing number i use doesn’t work anymore. that tells me it is a pretty bad company.

  4. Grace says:

    Don’t be fooled. This card does not check credit – there fore it does not check for FRAUD. After having 3 cards opened under my name and speaking to Mango I was assured they would not allow any new accounts to be opened. A MONTH later I received 2 more accounts opened. Per Jessica “These were opened over a month ago – and the post office took a month for me to receive them”. Per Melody – “It can take 1-2 WEEKS for their system to put a fraud alert together. REALLY – if that is correct then I don’t know which is worse – The fact that they blamed the post office for them not sending cards out (I would be annoyed if I opened an account and I didn’t receive a card for over a month) OR the fact that their system is so antiquated that it takes 1-3 weeks for a fraud alert to be put into place.

  5. Pissed12 says:

    Don’t do it! They will close your account once you sign up for direct deposit and will try to keep your money! They will claim it isn’t eligible for a check refund and will be turned over to the state! I signed up to receive my school refund onto this card after having it for over a year and they closed my account once my refund went into it!

  6. MKIC says:


    April 27th, 2013, I applied for a Pre-Paid Mango MasterCard. Set up my account online, no problem. Put the required $20.00 to the account to process getting the physical card via mail, and was left with a $15.00 balance. ($5.00 charge per month if the account doesn’t have, or does not maintain, or open with a $500 balance). Mango also allows the customer a number of options to transfer and add money to your account, including linking an existing Pay Pal account. Linked Mango to my PayPal, with ease. PayPal sent 2 small increments to Mango, recognized it; and my Mango account /card was added to my PayPal by Monday morning. (side note: I have been using PayPal for 10 years with NO problems nor any issues.)

    That same Monday (April 29th) in the evening, I called Mango Customer Service just to check the status / inquire as to how long it generally takes to get the physical card in the mail. I was told 7-10 days. I called because I received an email that said the following:

    “By now you should have received your Mango Prepaid MasterCard. This is just a friendly reminder that activating it is quick & easy and best of all there‚Äôs no activation fee.” I thought that was odd, but figured I’d have the card by the end of the week. At the very latest Saturday May 4th.

    The following Monday (today, the 6th) I still had not received the card.
    I tried to log online to access my account, and could not. I called customer service to report the log-in problem, and they informed me that my account was closed last Monday (April 29th, the day I inquired about the physical cards being mailed). They provided ZERO explanation, reason, or reasons as to why or what happened. I never received the card. I made NO transactions, so there couldn’t possible be any “suspicious activity”. In less than 48 hours, they close my account with ZERO notice, or explanation as to why this happened.

    Oh wait, they did tell me something; I’m no longer eligible to apply for a Mango card or use their services again. I personally would recommend anyone considering Mango services, to stay FAR away from Mango Pre-paid MasterCard; and I will make it a point to get my $20 transferred back to me.

  7. Cindra Dennison says:

    Stay AWAY from Mango Money. I had the same experience plenty of other people have had (read here: or here: or here:

    I had over $1000 of my money direct deposited here, which meant I was no longer eligible for monthly fees, exactly following their instructions, and one day my account was locked, I had no access to my own money and they told me they would mail me a check minus a $10 “processing fee.” All this because I didn’t pass a “security check” they never notified me of.

    They clearly only want people who they can hit for a monthly fee so this is a total bait and switch with their marketing of high interest offers. This company is not selling the product they are advertising. IF YOU VALUE YOUR HARD EARNED MONEY STAY AWAY FROM MANGO FINANCIAL as they are not on the up and up.

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