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Marathon Credit Card Using a gas card is a convenient way to pay at the pump, and the Marathon credit card is accepted at more than 4,600 locations. An even better reason to use a gas pump is to earn rewards and save money on your fuel. A couple of different Marathon credit cards will be reviewed below so you can find the one that is right for you.

Marathon has a cash credit card and gift card, a regular credit card, and a premier credit card. They also have a Platinum MasterCard from Chase. For businesses, Marathon offers the SuperFleet card, the Commercial Card, and the Fleet card. Compare online credit card offers now!

In addition to distributing fuel, Marathon sells propane and asphalt. They also have retail outlet stores at their gas station sites.

The Marathon Credit Card for Convenience

Since the Marathon credit card does not come with an annual fee, you can use this fuel credit card to conveniently pay for your gas at the pump at no additional cost to you. It helps you track your fuel consumption by placing all of your gas purchases on one card and you can get additional cards at no cost for the rest of your family.

The Marathon Credit Card for Rewards

The Marathon Consumer Premier Credit Card offers you monthly rebates of up to 2% on your purchases. Additionally, you can earn 5% cash back credit card rewards for some travel related purchases, such as airlines and hotels. Movie goers earn 50% off their theater ticket price, regardless of the theater selected.

Additional benefits include locksmith service whether you are locked out of your home or your car. If you get stranded away from home you can get $1,500 in emergency cash wired to you no matter where you are.

The Universal Marathon Credit Card

One of the biggest benefits of the Marathon Platinum MasterCard is that it is accepted everywhere that MasterCard is accepted. It also gives you rewards credit card earnings so you can save on gas and more.

For purchases made at Marathon, you earn 5% and for all other purchases you earn 1%. Your points will automatically be redeemed for you in the form of $25 cash cards for use at any Marathon.

If you have a car, then you need gas. Using a Marathon credit card simplifies getting gas at the pump and it can reward you with free gas purchases. Get online credit cards rates now!

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2 Cardholder Reviews for the “Marathon Credit Card”

  1. sumiya18 says:
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    marathon credit is a unique card in the present market among all credit cards.behind uniqueness there are some reasons such as without annual fee,rebate2% on gas purchasing and 5% travel related costings.

  2. R Hendrickson says:
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    Was approved for the Marathon Universal card, got 3 cards in the mail then tried using card and was declined at the pump and in the store. Called customer service they said my account was suspended and was “under further review” what the heck?? They approve the account send the cards then this?? very strange indeed.

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