Marathon Petroleum Company SuperFleet Credit Card

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Marathon Petroleum Company SuperFleet Credit CardThe Marathon Petroleum Company SuperFleet credit card is a card designed specifically for businesses with a large number of vehicles. The card is used for gas and other vehicle-related purchases.

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While not all businesses need a fleet credit card, commercial enterprises that utilize vehicles as part of their businesses have special needs. They need expense tracking, but they also need accountability tools. This card from Marathon Petroleum provides both.

MPC SuperFleet Credit Card Purchases

When a vehicle is used for business purposes, there is a lot of data that needs to be tracked, like money spent on gas, miles driven, fuel type, and price per gallon of gas. While all of these are printed on the store receipt, the information is also included on the fleet report. When employees use the MPC SuperFleet card, the monthly credit card billing statement will provide all of this information, plus purchase date, times, and locations. Qualified customers can also get tax-exempt billing.

Having all of this information on one convenient report decreases bookkeeping time and expenses. The report can also be adapted to fit the requirements of your specific company.

The SuperFleet card is accepted at thousands of locations, including Speedway, Pilot, and Marathon gas stations. Qualifying customers also receive volume discounts. SuperFleet cardholders can also receive discounts off oil changes at Valvoline Instant Oil Change locations.

MPC SuperFleet Credit Card Accountability

The SuperFleet card gives you complete flexibility with your account. You can view and make adjustments to the account online at anytime. You can also set limits, block out usage for certain days or times, or add and delete additional credit cardholders on the account.

You’ll have the choice of added security either with a PIN number that cardholders will be required to use, or showing the valid driver’s license in order to use the card.

The SuperFleet card can also help track odometer readings, which will be available online and in the monthly statement.

This might help you keep track of employees and their drive routes. has tips on other ways to protect your business from employee fraud. Take a look at the article on “How to Protect Your Business Against Fraud.”

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