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Marine Corps Association Credit CardThe Marine Corps Association was founded in 1913 as a professional association for marines. Although the Marine Corps Association credit card is no longer available, there are still other ways to show your support for the Marine Corps. Marines themselves have access to the USAA credit card, which will be reviewed below. Get free credit card offers now!

Membership in the Marine Corps Association comes with several benefits, and it is a way of financially supporting our troops. The association helps fund various programs and events throughout the year.

Through Bank of America, Marine Corps Association members were able to have their choice of three different credit cards. Active military on duty were given preferential treatment with various offers, such as extended payment due dates.

The MCA MasterCard

Marine Corps Association (MCA) members had the option of having an Eagle MasterCard, a Globe MasterCard, or an Anchor MasterCard. The MCA WorldsPoint was a Platinum Plus MasterCard that was only available for members of the Marine Corps Association.

The Marine Corps Association credit card was a rewards credit card that offered one point for every $1 that was spent in net purchases. Once you reached 2,500 points you were able to start redeeming your points for merchandise, gift cards, or cash back credit card rewards.

USAA American Express Marine Corps Credit Card

The USAA American Express credit card does not have an annual fee. The variable rates start at 8.9% and the card comes with a rewards program that can be used for merchandise, travel, or cash back.

With your first purchase you earn 2,500 points and then for every dollar you spend you earn another point. The points never expire nor do they max out, so you have complete freedom on how to save and spend your points.

USAA World MasterCard Marine Corps Credit Card

The USAA World MasterCard is just like the USAA American Express credit card. There is no annual fee and the variable interest rate starts at 8.9%.

The rewards are earned the same way and can be used for merchandise, travel, or cash back. Points redeemed for travel are not subjected to blackout dates.

Both USAA credit cards come with travel benefits and purchasing power. Even though you can no longer get the Marine Corps Association credit card, you can still benefit from the USAA credit cards. Compare with other online credit cards now!

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