Marukai JCB Credit Card (California)

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Marukai JCB Credit Card (California)The Marukai JCB credit card in California is a combination credit card and membership card to the Marukai Japanese stores. The credit card is accepted worldwide, and not just at this retail chain.

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Marukai Corporation owns a series of both membership and non-membership grocery stores in California. These stores specialize in importing Japanese foods, electronics, and household items. The membership fee is normally $10 per year.

Marukai JCB Credit Card Convenience

Marukai has entered into a partnership with JCB credit cards to offer a two-in-one rewards type credit cards. This single card is both a membership card to any Marukai store and a JCB credit card. The card offers a 3% cash back award for all purchases made at any Marukai store. Purchases anywhere else earn 1% cash back.

If you are interested in a membership to Marukai, the Marukai JCB card will save you a little money. By signing up for this credit card, your membership fee will be covered for one year. After that, the credit card annual fee is charged to the JCB card on the anniversary of the opening of the card.

Are you wondering if the membership is worth it? If you normally buy the products Marukai sells, Daily Finance reports in “10 Memberships Worth the Money” that membership clubs, whether large warehouses or smaller co-op grocery stores, usually do save you money.

Marukai JCB Credit Card Benefits

The Marukai JCB card is not just for this one store. It is a full JCB credit card, which means it is accepted by more than 12 million vendors all over the world. You can get cash from any ATM in the Cirrus system.

Use your JCB card to purchase your airfare any time you travel and you’ll receive up to $250,000 in extra insurance with an addition $1,000 lost luggage coverage. You’ll also be free to use the concierge service at any of the 31 JCB Plazas located worldwide.

The Marukai JCB California credit card is only available to residents of California, Oregon, Washington, and Nevada. Applying for the credit card will automatically enroll you in a Marukai membership.

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