MAX Credit Union MasterCard Classic Credit Card

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MAX Credit Union MasterCard Classic Credit CardOne of two Classic credit cards offered by MAX Credit Union, the MasterCard Classic provides security and buying power in an affordable and accessible credit card. With a low annual percentage rate, no annual fee, and the ability to use the card all over the world, the MAX Credit Union MasterCard Classic is an ideal card for anyone looking for a basic credit card.

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The other classic credit card available through MAX Credit Union is the Visa Classic Card. Despite being a Visa Card, it still offers most of the same benefits as the Classic MasterCard, and also offers worldwide acceptance at any merchant who displays the Visa logo. Choosing between these two cards comes down to which card you would rather carry, since all the benefits, fees, and options are the same.

MAX Credit Union MasterCard Classic Credit Card APR and Benefits

The MAX Credit Union Classic MasterCard offers a credit card fixed rate of 12.5%. Additionally, you have a full 25 days to pay off your balance to avoid any interest charges.

Unlike some other credit cards, the MAX CU MasterCard Classic does not begin charging interest until after 25 days have passed.

You can also use the MAX Credit Union Classic MasterCard to transfer a credit card balance from another credit card, especially one with a large balance and higher interest rate. The same 12.5% interest rate is available for balance transfers, and there is no balance transfer fee. Finally, you can even transfer a balance from an existing MAX Credit Union credit card, especially if the interest rate is higher.

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Other Ways to Use Your MAX Credit Union MasterCard Classic Credit Card

In addition to everyday purchases and balance transfers, you can also use your Classic MasterCard for other purposes. Credit card cash advances and automatic payments are another way to utilize the low interest rate of the card.

To learn more, visit any of the 14 MAX Credit Union branches or visit the MAX Credit Union website. Most of the branches are located within 15 miles of Montgomery, Alabama.

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