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McCoy's Credit CardThe McCoy’s Credit Card is a consumer credit card that appears to be advantageous for McCoy’s Building Supply customers who always pay off their credit card before interest is incurred. Compare other beneficial credit card offers now!

Offered by GE Money, this store credit card is similar to many other retail credit cards. The interest rate is high! If you are a regular shopper of McCoy’s Building Supply Center or are a contractor, the advantages of the added spending power may make it a reasonable choice for you. However you should strive to always pay this, and any store credit card, off entirely before interest charges are incurred.

Almost all stores, from Mom and Pop style to big corporations, offer store credit cards. While they often sound enticing, they are not the best cards to carry in your wallet. In fact, having too many store credit cards can damage your credit. Compare the credit card options available to you carefully before you take out a card that will show up on your credit report for a long time to come.

McCoy’s Credit Card Fees, Rates and Incentives

This credit card has no annual fee, but it does have a very hefty APR of 29.99%. This makes it a bad choice if there is ever a chance that you would have to pay interest charges.

When you make purchases of $399 and more, you get 6 months interest free if you pay the amount in full within that time period. The company also offers 10% off your first purchase using your McCoy’s credit card, to thank you for joining its program. These incentives soften the blow of the very high APR.

McCoy’s Credit Card Rewards

Holders of the McCoy’s credit card will receive a 3% rebate on all purchases. You earn 1 Building Bucks point for every $1 spent using your rewards credit card. When you have accumulated 500 Building Bucks, you can redeem them for a $15 coupon you can use in the store.

Compare the McCoy’s Credit Card Today

Before you are lured in by the rewards and convenience offered by store credit cards, take the time to learn all you can about them. Give careful consideration to whether they are a good fit for your spending and debt management habits. Compare the McCoy’s with other credit card offers by putting the free online credit card comparison tool on the case now!

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One Cardholder Review for the “McCoy’s Credit Card”

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    Hey, thanks for posting information about the McCoy Card program. I work for McCoy’s Building Supply at our headquarters in San Marcos, Texas, and I assist GE Money with administration of the program.

    I just wanted to add that the customer service number for GE Money Bank is 1-800-250-5411 if any current McCoy Card customers have questions about their account, or you can feel free to contact me at McCoy’s headquarters if you have trouble getting through to a GE representative.

    Additionally, you should keep in mind that the 6 month interest free plan and Building Bucks rewards program is specifically designed to help consumers. We have other credit plans available for our contractor customers that take into account their buying and payment patterns and allows greater freedom for higher volume purchasing.

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