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MCU Visa GoldThe Municipal Credit Union Visa Gold credit card is not available to consumers that live outside of the state of New York. You won’t be able to get more than a $10,000 credit limit, however, these low interest credit cards make it easy for consumers to manage their credit card debts. If you are approved for an MCU Visa Gold credit card, you will pay a fixed 10.15% interest rate.

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Several different types of Visa credit cards are offered by the Municipal Credit Union, but the MCU Visa Gold is very easy for consumers with poor credit to qualify for. Traditional credit card companies often have blacklists and minimum credit requirements; however, credit unions have been known to make exceptions for various applicants.

MCU Visa Gold Interest Rate and Fees

New MCU Visa Gold cardholders pay the 4.9% introductory interest rate for the first six calendar months that they have their accounts. Municipal Credit Union only charges Visa Gold credit cardholders 6.9% more than the prime interest rate, which means that the fixed APR usually fluctuates around 10%. When these personal credit cards are used outside of the continental US, MCU charges a 1% foreign transaction fee.

MCU Visa Gold credit card account holders pay $25 for late payments and a maximum of $30 for cash advances. Since every billing cycle has exactly 25 grace days, cardholders can easily avoid incurring late fees and other penalties. If late payments are made, no penalty APR is ever assessed.

MCU Visa Gold Benefits

When a new MCU Visa Gold credit card is issued, the cardholder will have at least $1,000 in credit instantly available. Periodic credit limit increases occur when payments are made on time and credit scores improve. Suze Orman has tips and helpful suggestions for consumers that want to reduce credit card debt.

Since the fees associated with the MCU Visa Gold credit card are minimal and the interest rate is low, it is easy to pay down this credit card quickly. New York residents can apply for MCU Visa Gold credit cards online.

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