M&I Bank FSB Visa Credit Card

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M&I Bank FSB Visa Credit CardFor a no annual fee credit card with low introductory interest rates, look into the M&I Bank FSB Visa credit card, better known simply as the M&I credit card. It is a good starter card for those individuals who do not need or care about special features such as a rewards program.

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Along with the low fees, the credit card from M&I has other benefits for card users. It is a card that is accepted anywhere Visa cards are, which is all over the world.

M&I Bank FSB Visa Credit Card Benefits

To help you keep track of what you spend your money on, you will receive an annual credit card statement at the end of each year. This statement will list and categorize what you have purchased over the course of the year.

With the Visa card, you are protected from fraud and unauthorized credit card use.

This falls under the Zero Liability clause from Visa. You also have protection when you use your Visa credit card for online purchases.

M&I Bank FSB Visa Credit Card Terms

For the first six months of using the card, you will enjoy a lower introductory interest rate. It is based off of your credit score and can be 4.99%, 6.99%, or 9.99%. After this period is finished, the interest rate will increase. For good-to-great credit scores, the interest rate will either be 8.24% or 10.24%. For poor credit, the APR is 13.24%.

If you choose to transfer a balance to the M&I Visa credit card or make a cash advance, you will be charged a higher APR than for purchases. The balance transfer and cash advance rate falls around 22.24%. The credit card grace period for purchases is 21 days.

As far as fees are concerned, there is no fee for the card on an annual basis. There is a $10 fee or 3% of the balance for both balance transfers and cash advances. There is a 2% fee for foreign transactions and a late fee of $35.

For more details about credit card terms, go to the Federal Reserve‘s webpage on Credit Cards.

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