M&I Bank FSB Visa Rewards Credit Card

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M&I Bank FSB Visa Rewards Credit CardFor a credit card that also earns rewards, check out the M&I Bank FSB Visa Rewards credit card. This card is extremely convenient and allows you to have control over your cash flow while building up points for fun stuff.

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Unlike some rewards cards, the rewards credit card from M&I has no annual fee. Along with offering rewards, the card has other benefits as well.

M&I Bank FSB Visa Rewards Credit Card Benefits

The M&I Bank FSB Visa Rewards credit card offers a variety of benefits to help you and your business. If your credit card has been lost or stolen, you can get emergency replacement of the card, as well as cash disbursement if needed. You can also get extended protection for purchases and other security options.

If you ever use this Visa credit card to purchase something online, you will be protected with a password so that you don’t have to worry about someone stealing your information. In the unfortunate event that someone does use your card fraudulently, you are not liable for the fraudulent credit card transactions.

M&I Bank FSB Visa Rewards Credit Card Rewards Program

The point system with this Visa Rewards credit card is different than a lot of others. When you use your Visa Rewards card for purchases, you earn two points for every three dollars you spend. These rewards can be turned in for a number of items.

If you have other rewards cards from M&I you can combine your points.

Keep in mind, however, that you cannot combine your business rewards card with your personal one.

There is no maximum amount of points that you can earn with the rewards card. There are also no blackout dates. Points can be turned in for gift certificates to popular retailers, your favorite restaurants, travel, and a whole lot more.

For tips on how to save on credit card fees and other information, visit the website for the FDIC. There, you’ll find helpful articles like “Special Edition: 51 Ways to Save Hundreds on Loans and Credit Cards.”

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