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Military Star Rewards Credit CardAs a member of the Military, you have probably had access to the Military Star Rewards Credit Card for quite some time now. Only for members of the military, this card allows you to use credit to purchase items at the military exchange. You can earn cash back credit card rewards by using this card too.

The problem is, you can’s use the Military Star Rewards Credit Card anywhere else; it is strictly a military card. That is why Chase and the Army and Air Force Exchange Services got together to offer members of the military another option, which is the Military Star Rewards MasterCard. Compare online credit card offers now!

The Military Star Rewards MasterCard offers you all of the benefits and flexibility of having a MasterCard, which you can use anywhere MasterCard is offered, with the benefits of the Military Start Rewards Card, all in one place.

Military Star Rewards MasterCard Overview

The Military Star Rewards MasterCard offers a flexible rewards credit card program that allows you to collect cash, purchase brand name merchandise, or make travel arrangements including flights and hotels, when you redeem your points.

Earning rewards points is easy. When you use your MasterCard on your base, you receive 2 points for every $1 you spend. Off the base you earn 1 point for every $1 spent. The points expire after five years but there is a 60,000 annual maximum on earning points. This means over 5 years the most you can accumulate is 300,000 points.

The interest rate for the Military Star Rewards MasterCard will vary from 10.2% to 18.2% depending on your credit score. The difference between this and the traditional Military Star Rewards Credit Card is that everyone gets the 10.2% interest rate as long as they have good enough credit to qualify for the card.

Military Star Rewards MasterCard Benefits

  • Low starting APR
  • Generous rewards program
  • Flexible options for redeeming rewards
  • No annual fee

Military Star Rewards MasterCard Bottom Line

The bottom line is that this isn’t a card for everyone, you have to be in the military to qualify for the card, (you will be required to enter your military ID before you can apply).

To find reward credit cards that you qualify for, compare online credit card offers now!

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