MINI Platinum Credit Card

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MINI Platinum Credit CardFor fans of European city cars and road rally racing, the MINI is to them what the Harley Davidson is to bikers. Now MINI fans and owners can show their pride with the the new MINI Platinum Visa credit card. If nothing else, their customized card designer makes the application process a lot of fun.

By visiting the card’s dedicated web site, applicants can design their own card complete with a customized MINI front and center. They can choose the model of MINI, the color, mirrors and accessories, and even wheels. As choices are made the image on the screen adapts to accommodate those changes. Find other online credit card offers now!

The site provides a link to terms and conditions, and application only takes a few minutes. The application contains lines for requesting two additional cards, but both primary and secondary card holders must be U.S. residents.

MINI Platinum Credit Card Interest Rates

The MINI Platinum credit card is a branded Visa card which can be used anywhere Visa is accepted. For purchases only, new card holders are given a 6-month introductory rate of 4.99%. After that, the APR is raised to the standard rate of 10.24% to 21.24%, which also applies to balance transfer credit card transactions. 23.24% is the rate charged for cash advances, while the penalty APR is 27.24%.

MINI Platinum Credit Card – MINI Motoring Rewards

This rewards credit card is designed to encourage the purchase of MINI cars and accessories. To do this, the MINI Platinum credit card offers the MINI Motoring Rewards program which gives points to card holders for purchases made ad MINI dealers, as well as for gas, car washes, and tolls. Accumulated points can be redeemed for up to $10,000 off your next lease or purchase of a MINI vehicle.

MINI Platinum Credit Card – Visa Platinum Benefits

Just about every Platinum Visa comes with a list of benefits provided by the Platinum program; the MINI credit card is no exception. Cad holders will enjoy emergency travel insurance, travel accident insurance, roadside assistance, rental car insurance, emergency replacement of cash and lost or stolen cards, 24-hour customer service, warranty service, and a year-end statement summary. Find out how this compare with other credit card offers now!

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