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Minnesota Lynx Credit Card The Minnesota Lynx are a team within the WNBA, based in Minneapolis, Minnesota and playing at the Target Center. Like many others sports leagues, the WNBA was planning to issue affinity credit cards as a means of promoting itself and its individual teams. The credit card was to be issued by Discover but the program never got off the ground. Find other credit card offers now!

The league announced plans for the card on July 14, 2006. Among other things, the Minnesota Lynx credit card was slated to give members access to Discover Fan Lounges throughout NBA. Fan lounges provided food, beverages, entertainment, prizes, and special player appearances during the WNBA season. Interestingly enough, current Discover card holders already have access to the Discover Fan Lounges.

When the announcement was made interested fans were instructed to apply at the Discover web site, at any WNBA game, or by calling a toll free number provided by Discover. It’s not clear whether or not any fans ever attempted to apply for the Minnesota Lynx credit card, and if so, what they were told when the plan was canceled. Additional information about the card’s demise is unavailable.

For Minnesota Lynx Merchandise Credit Cards are Accepted

Fans of the Minnesota Lynx can visit the team website to purchase official team merchandise and apparel. The site accepts most major credit cards. Fans who sign up for the site’s email service receive discounts of up to 15% on all purchases of team and league merchandise. Since the shopping site is part of the WNBA web server, merchandise from all the league’s teams is available.

Discover Financial Services and the WNBA

Despite the fact that Discover and the WNBA could not get their sports credit card program launched, Discover Financial Services was still the primary sponsor of the WNBA 2007 All-Star game. Discover Card was listed as the official credit card of the WNBA, and the Discover logo was featured on player jerseys worn during the game. Though it appears that the WNBA and Discover Financial Services are still partnering today, it’s not clear whether or not the Minnesota Lynx credit card, or any other WNBA credit cards, will ever come to market.

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