Mischa Barton Credit RiskWhile this is certainly this is not meant to be any type of smug “gleeful when celebrities screw up” kind of post that is typical of many types of articles seen in various Hollywood gossip rags there is an important lesson that can be learned for all of us after reading the story about Mischa Barton’s credit card getting declined at the grocery store.

In fact, two different credit cards were declined when Mischa Barton was shopping at a grocery store and her friend had to make the purchases for her. Mischa Barton, the former star of the popular TV show “The O.C.”, has had money issues in the past but is not someone that your average person might expect to see having 2 credit cards declined at a grocery store.

Let’s not be quick to judge or criticize as there could be many different innocent reasons for having a credit card declined but let this serve as a reminder to all of us that typically one’s financial situation both ebb and flow. There are good times and not so good times and it is important to have a solid financial plan and to always use credit cards in a responsible way.

Getting a Credit Card Declined is NOT Fun

Going to make a purchase with a credit card and having the credit card declined is absolutely NOT a fun feeling. I can let you know from personal experience that in my younger and more financially irresponsible days the sinking feeling that I got when I would have a credit card declined because I was either living beyond my means or not paying close enough attention to my (very low at the time) credit card limits (and rightfully very low credit card balances as I was a college student with very minimal income).

Credit Card Declined? Look Deeper

Having a credit card declined means that one should look deeper to understand the real root problems behind having their credit card declined. Some questions to ask include:

  1. Am I living beyond my means?
  2. Am I not paying attention to my credit card limits?
  3. Am I recklessly spending without paying attention to my budget (or, do I need to have a budget)?
  4. Am I an impulsive shopper?
  5. Am I not being a frugal and price conscious shopper?

There are many other deeper issues at play that can cause one to get their credit card declined in addition to the ones above (although sometimes the problem is just forgetfulness of the credit card limits so don’t be quick to judge).

Credit Card Decline Stories

Yup, having a credit card declined can happen even to a celebrity like Mischa Barton. In fact, it has probably happened to almost all of us at one time or another – especially in our younger and potentially more irresponsible days. What credit card decline stories do YOU have?

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One Response to “Ever Had Your Credit Card Declined? Mischa Barton Says Join the Club.”

  1. Felicia says:

    Great story. I’m a total believe in financial responsibility. However, I felt I should point out that having a credit card declined does not necessarily mean the person was being fiscally irresponsible. My Visa debit card was recently declined when I ran it at a restaurant as a credit. I had more than enough to cover the 10 dollar meal that I ate. However, the waitress and manager swore that I needed to call my card company and see what was wrong with it. Well, I did, and it turns out IT WAS HER FAULT!!! Bank of America’s records indicated that she entered the expiration date incorrectly.

    Meanwhile, my colleague already paid for my dinner (to my embarrassment since I usually hold my own). I guess all I’m saying is, it may not have been her fault. …

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