Mission Federal Credit Union MasterCard Platinum Credit Card

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Mission Federal Credit Union MasterCard Platinum Credit CardPeople that have worked hard on cultivating a really good credit score often receive certain perks, like qualifying for a special credit card with extra features. This Platinum MasterCard gives the cardholder the option of enrolling in a special credit card rewards program where they can choose everything from travel rewards to cash back.

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While credit card rewards programs can be enticing, they can also be very confusing. Often people will not receive all of the rewards they are entitled to and not even realize it. Financial sites like Smart Money provide excellent information on topics like this.

Mission FCU Platinum MasterCard Credit Card Rates

Unlike the majority of credit cards available today with variable interest rates, the Platinum MasterCard from the Mission Federal Credit Union has a fixed annual percentage rate.

The interest rate for purchases is 11.9% and the rate for cash advances and balance transfers is 13.9%.

It is very unusual for the balance transfer rate to be the same as the cash advance rate. Typically, the interest charged for balance transfers is the same as the purchase rate. There is no penalty interest rate for this credit card.

Mission FCU Platinum MasterCard Credit Card Fees

While there is an annual fee for some credit cards offered by the Mission Federal Credit Union, no annual fee is applied to the Platinum MasterCard. The credit card per transaction fees are reasonably low. There is only a 2% fee with a $2 minimum charge for balance transfers and cash advances, and a 1% fee for foreign transactions.

There is a $25 stop payment fee for payments placed with the actual credit card, but if the cardholder wants to put a stop payment on a credit card check they only have to pay a $15 fee.

There is a $25 fee if the cardholder makes a late payment in any six-month period. If the cardholder makes more than one payment late in a six-month period they will be charged a $35 fee for each additional late payment.

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