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MIT Alumni Credit CardWhether you are a student of MIT or alumni, you can support your university with one of the MIT Alumni credit cards. The MIT Alumni Association American Express credit card and the MIT Alumni Association MasterCard are both reviewed below.

The Massachusetts Institute of Technology (MIT) sits on 168 acres and is made up of a single campus and five different schools. The first students to attend MIT were enrolled in 1865.

The Alumni Association helps support MIT by providing funds to the school and sponsoring different events. It also provides for scholarships for MIT students. Compare several online credit card offers now!

The MIT Alumni Association Credit Card

As a WorldsPoint credit card, the MIT Rewards American Express credit card offers cash rewards without charging you an annual fee. It also gives you the option of cashing in your rewards credit card points for brand name merchandise. Travel credit card rewards are also available and have no blackout dates.

Interest rates are competitive with a 0% introductory offer that goes up to anywhere from 12.99% to 20.99%. The interest rate is variable, so it will change with the market.

The MIT Alumni Association MasterCard

The MIT Platinum Plus MasterCard is also a rewards credit card that you can use to support your university while earning rewards for yourself. There is no annual fee and the interest rates are competitive.

Just like the American Express credit card, there is a 0% introductory offer that is available for seven to 10 months based upon your credit. Rates then go up to 12.99% or it can be as high as 20.99%, once again, based upon your credit.

Rewards are earned based on qualifying purchases and can be redeemed for merchandise, cash back credit card rewards, or for travel. You earn one point for every dollar and they can be kept for up to five years before they expire.

Supporting MIT with an MIT Alumni Credit Card

Whether you choose the American Express credit card or the MasterCard credit card, you can earn rewards for you and your school. Both cards are issued by Bank of America. Every time you use your credit card Bank of America contributes money to MIT.

If you live in Massachusetts or simply want to support an educational organization, the MIT Alumni credit card offers rewards to the cardholder as well as the school. Before committing to any lender, compare your online credit card options now!

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