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Mitsuwa JCB Credit CardFor a credit card with a number of benefits in Japan, you should look into the Mitsuwa JCB Credit Card. JCB is the leading card issuer in Japan and it has teamed up with a Japanese grocery store called Mitsuwa Marketplace. It has a number of benefits of which that you can take advantage.

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Mitsuwa JCB Discounts

One of the benefits of using the credit card from Mitsuwa JCB is that you receive money off at Mitsuwa Marketplace. Monday through Thursday in the months of February and May, as well as in August and November, you will receive 10% off of your purchases. Items that are excluded include milk, cigarettes, and alcohol.

By using the Mitsuwa JCB credit card on items that you purchase, you net cash.

For each $200 you spend you will receive one point. Five points gets you a cash rebate equal to $10.

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Mitsuwa JCB Card Features and Benefits

There is no annual fee to have the Mitsuwa credit card and you can put family members as additional credit cardholders on your account at no additional charge.

If you travel and pay for your expenses with your Mitsuwa JCB card you will be able to take advantage of a number of credit card travel tips and benefits. One is that you will have insurance coverage for lost luggage.

If you buy your plane ticket with your card, you will be insured for up to $1,000. When you use your credit card to buy your plane ticket you will also have insurance coverage for the common/air carrier. The limit for this insurance is $250,000.

You will also have travel assistance internationally. This includes reservation services, emergency card replacement, and merchant listings. To make this service even more convenient you can visit a JCB Plaza, which are available in 31 cities around the world.

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