M&T Bank Visa Business Platinum Credit Card

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M&T Bank Visa Business Platinum Credit CardThe M&T Bank Visa Business Platinum credit card offers your business a rewards program with double rewards on common business purchases. It also offers an introductory APR and a bonus the first time you use the card.

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This Visa Business card is a rewards program credit card that offers a great deal of flexibility. You can choose a cash back program or go with points. The points add up to airfare, gift cards, or merchandise. You can choose to allow each employee card to earn points individually or to pool all the cards together for points for the business.

M&T Bank Visa Business Platinum Credit Card Rewards

Like many platinum cards, the M&T Visa Business Platinum pays you 1% cash back on most purchases, or a point for every dollar if you choose to use the points system. However, with this card you’ll get double points or 2% cash back on all purchases for gas, restaurants, and telecommunications, like company cell phones.

If you’re not sure whether to choose a cash back reward or a point system, financial advice and information magazines such as Forbes recommend taking the cash. You or your company can always use cash for whatever you want, but the rewards are more restrictive.

M&T Bank Visa Business Platinum Credit Card Benefits

As a platinum Visa card, M&T Business Reward cardholders will also enjoy the use of the concierge service, hotel discounts, and car rental collision coverage. Your purchases will be protected for 90 days and are eligible for extended warranties.

M&T also offers its business credit cardholders access to the online Scoreboard to access spending information.

You can decide whether your employees can receive credit card cash advances or not. M&T will also cover up to $100,000 if a fired employee misuses the credit card.

This is a no annual fee credit card, and you’ll enjoy a 0% APR for the first six months. Then the interest range is 9.99% to 20.99%, depending on the company’s credit history and revenue. You’ll also have many payment options, including automatic payments and central or individual billing.

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