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NAPA Credit CardThe NAPA credit card is offered to this company’s customers to make the cost of financing car repairs more convenient. By using the card for their purchases, they can get their vehicle serviced immediately and pay for it over time.

Customers who want to use the NAPA credit card to finance their vehicle repairs can apply at the dealership. Instant approval is available for new customers. Compare this and other online credit card offers here!

Choosing a dealer card means that the customer’s credit available from other cards is not tied up for the cost of car repairs. The NAPA credit card is accepted by dealerships nationwide.

NAPA Credit Card Features

The Annual Percentage Rate (APR) for this card is 29.99%. The grace period for new purchases is 23 days. During this time, no interest is charged on new purchases.

The fee for a cash advance or a balance transfer credit card activity is set at $5 or 4% of the amount of the transfer or the cash advance, whichever comes first. Customers are also charged late payment or returned payment fees of up to $35 for each time a payment is returned or the payment is not made on time.

NAPA Credit Card Benefits

Account holders can choose to buy account security insurance coverage if they wish. This coverage pays for the cardholder’s balance (up to $10,000) if they lose their jobs, must be cared for in a nursing home or become disabled. This coverage also acts as life insurance, and the benefit is payable if the cardholder dies as well.

The account security plan has a 60-day vesting period, which means it must be in force for at least 60 days before the cardholder is entitle to any benefits. The unemployment and disability insurance plan has a 90-day waiting period. A person who is currently unemployed cannot enroll in the plan and have his or her balance paid off if the period of unemployment continues past the 90-day mark.

Alternative to the NAPA Credit Card

NAPA customers also have the option of financing their purchase over a six or 12-month period if they wish. The customer can choose the option that will work best for them. Compare this and other credit card offers to determine which is best for you!

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