NAPUS FCU Visa Classic Credit Card

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NAPU FCU Visa Classic Credit CardIf you are interested in building your credit history as an authorized user of a credit card, you may be interested in the NAPUS FCU Visa Classic credit card. This card is available for members of NAPUS Federal Credit Union and is a good card for those just starting to build a history of financial responsibility.

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Besides helping you learn about credit, a classic Visa credit card has a number of other benefits. It is void of some fees that other credit cards have, which helps your bottom line.

NAPUS FCU Visa Classic Credit Card Information

The classic Visa is convenient to use because it can be used around the world at a wide variety of places; anywhere Visa is accepted.

Having a credit card is imperative for things such as reserving and holding a motel room, renting a vehicle, or purchasing plane tickets. The Visa Classic from NAPUS FCU will help you do this.

NAPUS FCU Classic Visa Credit Card Terms

If you have never had a credit card before, it is crucial to be aware of the terms and what they mean. The credit limit for the NAPUS FCU Classic Visa card will vary, depending on your credit score. The maximum amount the limit can be is $10,000, while the minimum is $500.

This credit card’s APR is higher than some of the other Visas offered by this credit union. The average APR is 11.9%. There are no annual fees, nor are there fees for transferring a balance or advancing cash.

This classic Visa also does not have a charge for transactions or a minimum finance charge. If you have a returned payment, the your credit card’s returned payment fee will beĀ is $30. If you pay your bill late you will be charged $30 as well.

If you do not understand these terms or have more questions about them, visit the Federal Reserve‘s website to read more about credit cards.

The Visa Classic from NAPUS Federal Credit Union is a good credit card to start with and, after you build up more credit, you can apply for different types of cards.

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