NAPUS FCU Visa Visa Student Credit Card

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NAPU FCU Visa Visa Student Credit CardThe NAPUS FCU Visa Student credit card is perfect for students who are just starting out. This credit card allows them to begin building credit. Since it is a Visa, it is accepted worldwide.

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Building credit history and learning financial responsibility with credit is an important tool for students to learn. The College Board suggests that helping your college student get a credit card can help them rent or buy a home in the future as they build a credit history. However, it is also important to teach the student how to use credit properly.

NAPUS Student Visa Credit Card Details

Sometimes is it difficult for people with no credit history to be approved for a credit card. The banks often want to see how you handle credit before extending any to you. A student credit card helps students get their foot in the door. Students under 21 will usually need a credit card co-signer to be on the account.

Often, cards designed for those with little to no credit have high interest rates, but NAPU offers this student card for 7.99% APR.

There’s also no annual fee and no minimum finance charge.

The NAPUS Student Visa has a maximum credit limit of $10,000 with $100 being the smallest credit limit available. Your credit limit will be determined by NAPUS based on your income, your co-signer’s income, and possibly the co-signer’s credit scores.

NAPUS Student Visa Credit Card Benefits

Not only will you receive a Visa credit card, which is accepted at millions of physical and virtual vendors worldwide, but having a NAPUS Student Visa also means that you’ll get other benefits as well. NAPUS has more than 35 designs for its student credit cards, so you can find one that expresses your personality.

If you book your trips home or spring break trips with your NAPUS FCU Student Visa card, you’ll automatically receive travel accident insurance. This is free as long as you buy your airline tickets with the card. If you need to rent a car, your student card will also cover your auto rental insurance, allowing you to turn down the expensive options offered at the counter.

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