National Museum of Racing Credit Card

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National Museum of Racing Credit CardFans of thoroughbred horse racing may be familiar with the National Museum of Racing in Saratoga Springs, NY. The museum endeavors to promote thoroughbred horse racing to its fullest extent in America, and friends of the museum help through financial support and other means. Since 2009, museum supporters have another avenue to help through the National Museum of Racing credit card.

The National Museum of Racing card is an affinity credit card offered in conjunction with Visa and issued by UMB. The card earns a $50 donation for the museum with every new application, and additional donations based on a percentage of all sales charged to the card. Compare other credit card offers with this one now!

As a platinum visa card, it entitles cardholders to the standard lineup of Platinum benefits like 24-hour customer service, online account access, fraud protection, purchase protection, and much more. The card also earns rewards which can be redeemed in a variety of ways.

The National Museum of Racing Credit Card Application

Consumers who are interested in the National Museum of Racing credit card can apply through UMB’s CardPartner web site. The web site provides a secure online application process which begins with a review of terms and conditions. Application is a six step process which typically can be completed in seven to ten minutes.

At the time of application the consumer can choose one of five card designs that reflect the history and mission of the museum. Four designs carry the museum logo in the upper left corner against the backdrop of a historical scene relating to thoroughbred racing.

The National Museum of Racing Credit Card Rates

This rewards credit card has no annual fee and charges 0% interest on purchases and balance transfer credit card transactions for the first six months. The standard APR is 11.15% while 15.15% is the rate for cash advances. Should missed or late payments trigger the penalty APR, it is 23.75%.

The National Museum of Racing Credit Card Rewards Program

Like most Visa Platinum cards, the National Museum of Racing credit card is eligible to earn rewards points that can be redeemed for merchandise, gift cards, travel expenditures, and event tickets. Points are earned at a rate of one point for every dollar in net transactions. A fifteen-point bonus is awarded for transactions posted with select participating retailers. Find other online credit card offers and compare them now!

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