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National Penn Bank Credit CardNational Penn Bank is a community bank with 60 retail locations in southeast Pennsylvania. The bank offers five types of personal National Penn Bank credit cards and three types of business credit cards. All the cards are Visa products with varying degrees of benefits and rewards. For the purposes of this review, we will focus on the Visa Signature and Visa Platinum cards.

All National Penn Bank credit cards can be applied for by visiting a local bank branch. Otherwise, a visit to the bank web site provides links to an online application that must printed and mailed to the address provided. Get and compare other online credit card offers now!

The first page of the online application process allows consumers to request over limit coverage. Before continuing with the application the consumer must choose either to accept the coverage or opt out. From there he is redirected to the next page where information collection begins.

The National Penn Bank Signature Visa Card

The Signature Visa card begins with no annual fee and 2,500 bonus points upon the first use of the card. Those bonus points can be redeemed for $25 statement credit or left to accumulate with future points.

One point is earned for every net dollar spent, to be redeemed for airline travel, merchandise, gift certificates, or against future purchases made on the card. At a threshold of 25,000 points, a free round-trip airline ticket is earned. As an alternative to rewards credit card points, card holders can receive 1% unlimited cash back credit card rewards instead.

Interest rates are 9.99% to 20.99% for balance transfer credit card transactions and purchases, and 23.99% for cash advances. There is no penalty APR. The card provides a six-month introductory rate of 0% for balance transfers and purchases. However, the introductory rate on balance transfers only applies to transfers requested at the time of the application.

The National Penn Bank Platinum Visa Card

This card carries the same introductory and standard interest rates as well no annual fee, but there are no rewards points connected to it. Standard Visa Platinum benefits apply including warranty coverage, rental car collision insurance, travelers’ assistance, zero liability fraud protection, 24-hour card member service, and more.

Other National Penn Bank Credit Cards

The other three personal credit cards offered by National Penn Bank include the College Rewards Visa, the Young Adult Visa, and the Secure Visa cards. Compare several online credit card offers now!

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