Nebraska Furniture Mart, Inc. Credit Card

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Nebraska Furniture Mart, Inc. Credit CardThe Nebraska Furniture Mart, Inc. (NFM) credit card is a store credit card offered by the company for its customers to use. Like most store or private-label credit card offers, it can only be used at Nebraska Furniture Marts.

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Nebraska Furniture Mart was started by a Russian immigrant named Rose Blumkin in 1937, using a revolutionary strategy for the time. She bought as cheaply as she could and marked the pieces up only a little bit, relying on selling more furniture to make her profit instead of high mark-ups. These days, Nebraska Furniture Mart is a leading furniture supplier in Nebraska and the Midwest.

NFM Credit Card Rates

Nebraska Furniture Mart offers a credit card to its customers only for use in its stores. Like many store credit cards, cardholders will receive occasional specials and coupons towards NFM merchandise.

The APR for the NFM credit card is 18%.

There is a 21-day credit card grace period before you’ll be required to pay interest. There is a $25 late fee and a $25 fee if your payment has to be returned due to insufficient funds.

Also, if you are late or miss a payment on the card, Nebraska Furniture Mart can require the entire balance due at once rather than the minimum payment. You’ll also likely lose any discount or promotional value you gained by making the purchase with your NFM card.

The NFM Credit Card – Is It Worth It?

Many people wonder if store cards, which advertise their promotions so heavily, are worth it. CNBC reports that often they are not. First, they point out that the average interest rate for a store credit card is 18% to 25%. This is much higher–as much as nine or ten points higher–than standard credit cards.

Every time you open a new credit card account, your credit scores drop a bit, as that is more credit card debt you have allowed yourself to acquire. And most store cards have strict policies about skipping or missing a payment, like the NFM card does.

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