Neiman Marcus Credit Card

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Neiman Marcus Credit Card The Neiman Marcus Credit Card is an exciting and practical choice of credit card for the shopper who frequents Neiman Marcus or Bergdorf Goodman. The credit card is accepted at both stores, in their online stores, by mail order and at, and

Store credit cards are a good choice for those who want to accumulate points or earn some of the other benefits associated with such cards. However, you must be disciplined in your use of credit and pay off credit cards before interest accumulates, as the interest on such cards is typically higher than that of regular credit cards. Compare credit card offers now!

If you shop at a specific store like Neiman Marcus or Bergdorf Goodman regularly and have good credit management skills, the Neiman Marcus Credit Card may be for you. It offers a more reasonable APR than many other store credit cards and a great rewards program.

Neiman Marcus Credit Card Features

The Neiman Marcus Credit Card is issued by HSBC Nevada. It has an Annual Percentage Rate of 21% on purchases. There is no annual fee for the regular Neiman Marcus Credit Card. However there is a $50 annual fee for the NM Gold Card program.

Neiman Marcus Credit Card Rewards

The Neiman Marcus Credit Card offers InCircle rewards credit card points. For each dollar you spend at Neiman Marcus or Bergdorf Goodman, you earn 2 points. You will also accumulate 2000 bonus points just for opening a Neiman Marcus Credit Card and using it on the same day. These points can be redeemed for gift cards or air line miles on American Airlines, United or Delta.

Check Out the Neiman Marcus Credit Card Now

Before you take out a store credit card, analyze how you deal with credit. Do you pay off credit cards monthly to avoid interest rates? Do you avoid overspending at stores at which you have a credit account, despite the convenience? If you answered yes, you may be a good candidate for the Neiman Marcus Credit Card.

If you were thinking of acquiring a Neiman Marcus credit card, you may be interested in hearing the recent scoop about the company. For over a hundred years, holding a Neiman Marcus credit card meant you had prestigious shopping privileges. Today you may not feel the same way when you think of their recent decision to have HSBC handle their accounts.

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Since 1907, Neiman Marcus has always handled their credit card accounts in house according to research. The company is also recognized for its exceptional customer service since their market is usually high-end shoppers. It seems when they turned over their credit card accounts to HSBC they ran into a problem that ended up in the court system.

Neiman Marcus versus HSBC

HSBC decided they were going to increase rates and fees shortly after the agreement. Since this was unacceptable to Neiman Marcus, HSBC decided to clean house by dropping close to 200,000 cardholders based on credit. Consequently, Neiman Marcus decided to take HSBC to court. Eventually the two companies settled.

Neiman Marcus Credit Card Rewards

A rewards credit card is based on a program that offers points in return for spending a certain amount of dollars. This company offers 2 points for every dollar, but you have to spend $10,000 to redeem them! Whether you redeem them for a gift card or store products, you still do not get the same value.

This is not an advantageous offer to anyone who can count. Neiman Marcus’ reputation and credit card numbers are diminishing because of this. One would think that maybe they would offer some kind of concession as a result.

An idea might be offering a low interest rate card to generate customers. The interest rate on this rewards credit card is 22.5%, which is average. There is no annual fee, and you need around a 604 FICO score to be eligible. Credit card approval takes approximately two weeks.

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