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NestEggz Credit Card The NestEggz Credit Card is an exciting way to accumulate savings as you shop. This unique program is renowned as one of the best loyalty rewards in the nation. You get to earn money for retirement as you make purchases.

NestEggz is a micro investing technology company that has a network of merchants nationwide that it is affiliated with. As you make everyday purchases through these merchants you earn a rebate. Vesdia, the parent company of NestEggz, will oversee your placement of such savings in the retirement account of our choice to allow you to save easily for the future. Compare this with rewards from other online credit cards now!

The NestEggz Loyalty Rewards program can be combined with the use of any credit card you carry. As you shop in-store or through call-in merchants using the NestEggz Retirement Savings Credit Card, you get up to 6% back in rebates. For online purchases from any of the more than 300 pre-approved merchants, you receive rebates as high as 26% back. You even get 5% back on gift certificates and 6% back on catalog purchases. This program speeds along your retirement savings at unparalleled rates.

NestEggz Credit Card Benefits

The NestEggz Platinum Visa Credit Card allows you the flexibility of earning valuable NestEggz Bucks everywhere you shop. You no longer have to worry about whether a retailer is a member of the NestEggz Merchant Network or not, though you will accumulate at least double bucks by using your NestEggz Visa with such merchants.

NestEggz Credit Card Rewards

The major advantage of NestEggz is its extremely generous rewards credit card program. When you use the credit card, you get a 1% rebate on all your purchases. However, if you shop at one of the select NestEggz merchants, you will accumulate 1-26% in NestEggz bucks also on those purchases. These bucks are the equivalent of $1 in retirement savings for you. It is the perfect way to save for retirement without changing your spending or saving habits at all.

Compare the NestEggz Credit Card

Before you choose your next credit card, be sure to compare the NestEggz Credit Card and others by putting an online credit card offer comparison tool to work for you.

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One Cardholder Review for the “NestEggz Credit Card”

  1. James Bukovinsky says:
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    I’ve been trying to get my money from NESTEGGZ since September to no avail. They aren’t answering their phone (866) 837-8380 and a recording refers you to send all requests to their email address ( and states that the request will be answered within 3 business days. Then the phone disconnects you. So far I’ve been waiting since Novemeber 20, 2011 for them to answer 2 emails asking why I haven’t received my money from my online request in September. . Neither one was answered. In September I requested $125 from my account and have not seen the money. Now I’m shut out of my account on their website. This company is a rip off! Now I have to file a formal complaint with the state attorney’s office so this can be dealt with before it happens to other people!

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