NetSpend Visa Prepaid Debit Card

People who are looking for an alternative to the traditional credit card may want to consider the NetSpend Visa Prepaid Debit Card for their needs. The company offers a number of product options for customers with poor credit. A person who doesn’t have credit in their own name can apply for a prepaid card from NetSpend which makes this a solid choice for a credit card in both the bad credit credit card category and the prepaid debit card category.

Read through this NetSpend debit card review and then if you think that this is the best card for you then submit a NetSpend debt card application securely using the link above or if you are still undecided then use our free credit card finder!

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How a Prepaid Card Works

As the name implies, a prepaid debit card must be loaded with money to be activated. The person holding the account can then use it for purchases from any vendor accepting Visa cards or debit cards for transactions. The card looks very similar to a credit card, and the customer has the convenience of using it for in-store and online purchases.

Adding Cash to a Prepaid Debit Card

A customer can reload the NetSpend Visa Prepaid Debit Card with cash by going to participating retailers. Some grocery stores and check cashing stores will perform this function for cardholders. A customer should ask whether the store charges a reload fee for this type of transaction before proceeding. In some cases, the retailer doesn’t charge a fee, but some stores will charge up to $5 for doing so.

Another option to add cash to the card is to buy a NetSpend Reload Pack from a retailer that carries them. The customer will then have to log into the NetSpend web site to activate it. In most cases, the money will be posted to the card within minutes.

The NetSpend Visa Prepaid Debit Card can also be loaded by transferring funds from a bank account. The card can be loaded using funds from a checking or savings account. With this option for loading the card, the funds are usually available within three or four business days. Many banks do not charge a fee to transfer the funds from an account to a prepaid debit card.

A customer who wants to add more funds to his or her debit card also has the option of transferring funds from a Paypal account to do so. There are no fees involved when funds are transferred from Paypal to the card. The process takes two or three business days to complete.

A customer who wants to check the balance on his or her NetSpend Visa Prepaid Debit Card can log into the company web site to get account information. With this option, the customer can find out how much they have left on their account 24 hours a day, seven days a week. A NetSpend customer can also get balance information by texting “BAL” to 22622.

Balance information can also be obtained through an ATM or by calling NetSpend’s customer service number. There is a fee charged for getting balance information using one of these methods, and it’s a good idea to go through the information provided by the company when the account is opened to understand how much will be charged for this service.

Advantages of Choosing a Prepaid Visa Card

A prepaid Visa card is more secure than carrying cash. If the card is lost or stolen, the customer is not responsible for paying for unauthorized transactions. Having one’s wallet or purse stolen when it contains a sum of cash means that the individual will likely never recover the amount they lost. Another advantage of choosing the NetSpend Prepaid Visa Card is that the funds deposited to the card earn interest at a rate of five percent.

A NetSpend customer may choose to have his or her pay check or government benefits check deposited directly onto the card. There is no fee charged for doing so, and the funds are then available to buy groceries, gas, or make other purchases. Customers even have the option of using the funds available on their card to pay bills online by logging into the NetSpend web site to access their account information.

The NetSpend Prepaid Visa Card offers customers convenience by giving them multiple options for loading the card. Once the funds have been credited to the account, the customer can then use the card to make purchases or pay bills. This card option means that a person who doesn’t have a credit card can make online purchases. It’s a convenient way to buy, and not all vendors operating online accept Paypal for transactions.

Is the NetSpend Prepaid Visa Card the right choice for you? Compare your options by clicking on the credit card Chaser tool on this page. It’s free to use, so why don’t you get started using it to compare credit cards right now?

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