New England Patriots Credit Card

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The New England Patriots Credit Card is an excellent choice for the true Patriots fan. What better way to show your pride in your favorite team than by carrying its affinity credit card in your wallet? With the official Patriots logo on the face of the card, it is sure to make any card carrying Patriots fan proud. Compare other team credit card options now!

Affinity cards are very popular option in credit cards. With so many credit cards on the market offering similar terms, conditions and benefits, finding a credit card that appeals to a passion of yours is a way to make a hard choice easier.

Before you choose a credit card based on an exciting rewards program or because of being affiliated with a team, school or some other group, you should take the time to thoroughly evaluate what the card offers you and if it meets your needs. You should also look at the card’s terms and conditions in relation to your spending habits.

he fee for a cash advance with this card is 5% (or a minimum of $10). Late payment fee is up to $35 and there is also a 3% foreign transaction fee.

Opting for the New England Patriots Credit Card

Carefully weigh the pros and cons of the New England Patriots credit card and other credit cards before making a choice, by letting an online credit card comparison tool gather the information for you.

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One Cardholder Review for the “New England Patriots Credit Card”

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    Although I love getting NFL points and supporting my team beware this card is from Barclays bank. I had a card with them before and cancelled it as their customer service is horrible. I had a 10.00 balance and the bill for this was lost in the mail and seeing that I didnt use it monthly I had forgotten the small purchase. the second month the bill came of which I gladly paid the 15.00 late fee but when they were going to up my interest for it. I contacted them and they didnt care they scolded me for not paying attention and I cancelled my card.

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