New Millennium Bank The Pampered Chef Consultant Visa Credit Card

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New Millennium Bank The Pampered Chef Consultant Visa Credit CardThe New Millennium Bank The Pampered Chef Consultant Visa credit card was a card that Pampered Chef, a home-based business that specializes in kitchen products, offered to consultants who sold its products. Consultants could charge all inventory to the card and then pay it off with the proceeds from the sales. However, in September of 2011, New Millennium Bank ceased to offer this credit card.

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The Pampered Chef still offers a debit credit card to all of its consultants. The company uses this card to pay them their commissions, or they pay them via direct deposit.

It is a debit card, however, so the funds come immediately from the consultant’s account.

New Millennium Bank also offers other credit cards, primarily secured credit cards.

Other New Millennium Visa Credit Cards

According to the FDIC, a secured credit card (also known as a cash secured credit card) acts like a regular credit card at the register, but it is secured with collateral, usually a bank account with money already in it. The credit line is equal to the amount in the account. These types of cards are usually promoted to people with poor credit who need to rebuild it or people with no credit at all.

New Millennium Bank offers four secured Visa cards. The Patriot Savings & Trust Visa has an introductory APR of 6% for three months, at which point the APR increases to 19.5%. The card is secured with a savings account and can have a credit line as much as $6,000. The First Option Visa also has a 19.5% APR and up to $5,000 credit line. Both have a $59 annual fee.

The Ultra VX Visa card is a reward credit card offer and has an APR of 18.9% with no annual fee. Onyx The New Black Visa card is a full privilege card and is secured with a bank account. You can earn airline tickets and other privileges through its use. You’ll pay 19.5% APR and a $59 annual fee.

New Millennium MasterCard Credit Cards

The First Option MasterCard guarantees acceptance with a bank account and charges 19.5%. The Next Millennium Black MasterCard has a secured credit line of up to $5,000 at 19.5% interest. Both cards charge $59 annually.

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