No Hassle Cash Rewards Capital One Credit Card

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You know that Capital One offers many great credit cards and the No Hassle Cash Rewards card is no exception. This is just one of the three No Hassle cards that Capital One offers, but it is arguably the most popular because it earns cash back rather than rewards points. Compare this and other cash back credit card offers now.

Capital One is a US based company that is responsible for the way that we receive credit cards today. Capital One is the company that developed a mass marketing system that allowed pretty much everyone in the US to receive credit card offers. In fact, Capital One is the 8th largest customer in the world for the USPS!

Capital One was one of the largest sub prime lenders in the country; so they were hit hard by the housing market crisis and subsequently received a bail out from the government. Fortunately, for Capital One investors, they were able to pay back the bail out within 7 months, further stabilizing the company.

No Hassle Cash Rewards Capital One Credit Card Overview

Because this is a cash back credit card, the rewards credit card program is very simple. For every purchase made at a gas station or in a major grocery store, you will receive 2% cash back. For all other purchases, you will receive 1% cash back.

There is a 0% APR introductory offer for all new purchases and balance transfer credit card transactions that expires in November 2011. After that, Capital One applies a variable APR of 14.9%.

You can choose to design your own card or you can choose one of Capital One’s many premade designs. If you choose your own design, you need to be sure that you don’t try to upload any copyrighted materials or Capital One will reject your design and select one of their own.

No Hassle Cash Rewards Capital One Credit Card Benefits

  • No annual fee
  • Low APR
  • One year 0% APR if you apply for the card in November 2010
  • Never a balance transfer fee
  • Cash back rewards program

No Hassle Cash Rewards Capital One Credit Card Benefits Bottom Line

This is an excellent credit credit card, not a bad credit credit card. Capital One has many other credit card options including credit cards for folks with less than perfect FICO scores. In addition, you can use our free quote tool to find other credit cards to fit your needs!

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