As the holidays are approaching, I look forward to lots of food, time with my family and lets be real, presents are nice too! For many this is a very special time of the year filled with traditions and creating memories with loved ones; but it can also be stressful. In 2011, shoppers spent an average of $704.18 per person on gifts and other seasonal items.Preparing for the Holidays

With all this spending, its no surprise that you need to be prepared for the seasonal spending. This can be a great opportunity to earn rewards from your credit card, but you should spend wisely and keep track of your spending.

Here are some of the top articles of November on how to save and spend wisely throughout the holiday season.

5 Ways to Curb Compulsive Spending This Christmas - from MoneyNing

Among the warm feelings, time spent with the family and special traditions; the holiday months are associated with spending. Giving gifts is enjoyable but if not planned out it can become dangerous. In this article, MoneyNing talks about the dangers of compulsive spending and offers 5 simple ways to keep you on track to not overspend this holiday season.

11 Special & Meaningful Gift Ideas for Kids from Money Crashers

Around this time you may be wondering what you should give this holiday season. I have given gifts that have been simple and inexpensive to gifts that required some prior savings. When it comes down to it, the gifts that mean the most to us (and that we actually remember) are the time spent together not a physical gift. This article provides 11 great gift ideas that will mean something to your child and that they will actually remember down the road.

getting ready for christmas shopping

Make the Most of Your Holiday Shopping from Bargaineering

Spending more around the holidays is expected but this doesn’t mean their aren’t ways to prepare or even take advantage of it. You know you’re going to spend more, so why not claim rewards for your spending. In this article, Craig explains safe ways to get rewards for your spending without paying extra or overspending.

7 Inexpensive (or Free) Christmas Gifts for The Holiday Season from MoneyNing

We have all done it before, how many times have you gone Christmas shopping and walked away with nothing. For me personally, the majority of the time this is because I go shopping without knowing what I want to buy for each person and the rest of the time its because I wonder if they will actually like the gift. MoneyNing offers 7 great ideas for Christmas gifts that are inexpensive or even free, but will be appreciated more than any product.

How To Create A Fantastic Yet Frugal Christmas Gifting Strategy from ChristianPF

Im sure we all agree that budgets are great but they’re not always the easiest to set up. Determining how much money to put in each category for each individual can be difficult, especially when wanting to evenly give to each child, grandchild, etc. This article walks you through a useful strategy for how to determine a budget that will work for you.

Although this can be a stressful time of the year for your wallet and shopping, some of these articles above may be useful in allowing you to spend less time stressing about shopping and more time enjoy the important things of the holiday season.

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