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Office Depot Credit CardThe Office Depot, a national office supplies retailer, offers a total of five different credit cards. The first three are in-store retail credit cards designed for personal and/or businesses use. The other two are Visa cards for personal or business use. All three in-store cards offer similar rates and conditions while the same can be said for both Visa cards. You can see how these compare with other credit card offers now!

The Office Depot Visa card is issued and managed by Chase. To apply for the Visa card one need only visit the Chase web site to complete the application. For the in-store cards, application can be made through the Office Depot web site or in person at a retail location.

The Office Depot Visa credit card has the added advantage of tying the credit account to an Office Depot Worklife Rewards account, which provides extra benefits and rewards. Holders of the Visa cards can manage their accounts online through a dedicated Chase web site.

Office Depot Credit Card – Worklife Rewards Visa Card

The Worklife Rewards Visa rewards credit card provides customers with rewards in the form of rebates. For every purchase made at Office Depot holders receive a 5% rebate. For all other purchases the rebate is equal to 1%. Rebates are not limited and are automatically credited to your account when you make purchases at Office Depot.

As an added incentive, Worklife Rewards members also receive an automatic 10% off on paper, ink, toner, and copy and print services. Office Depot offers additional special discounts to Worklife members on a regular basis.

Office Depot Credit Card – In-store Credit Card

Obviously, Office Depot in-store credit cards can be used only for purchases made at their retail locations or online. The APR is extremely steep at 27.99% with a minimum monthly interest charge of $2.99. For purchases over $299, no interest is paid if the entire balance is satisfied within six months. However, if the balance is not paid within that period, interest is charged retroactively to the date of sale.

Holders of either of these business credit cards enjoy additional features including itemized billing statements, purchase tracking, and flexible payment options. All three in store cards require the card holder to be eighteen years of age and have access to online account management through an encrypted web browser. Other credit cards, rates and offers can be compared right now!

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