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Old Navy Credit Card If you like to shop at Old Navy or one of its sister stores, then you can get be rewarded for your loyalty by earning points for free merchandise. Read on to find out more about using your Old Navy credit card and what kind of benefits it has.

Old Navy, Athleta, Banana Republic, Gap, and Piperlime are all part of the Old Navy family. You can use your store credit card to shop at any of these stores and earn rewards that are redeemable at all of these stores. You can mix and match stores easily since your account is tied to your one Old Navy credit card. Find more credit card offers now!

Favored by many people as a place to buy casual wear for the entire family, Old Navy has apparel and accessories for mom, dad, and all the kids. Gift cards are also available for every Old Navy lover on your holiday list.

How to Earn Rewards with Your Old Navy Credit Card

Every time you use your card to shop at Old Navy or one of the above mentioned stores, you earn five points for every qualifying dollar. You also earn one point for every dollar spent anywhere else where Visa is accepted.

Whenever you reach 1,000 points you are given a loyalty rewards card worth $10. The rewards card can be redeemed at any of the five stores associated with Old Navy.

Other Bonus Rewards Available with Your Old Navy Credit Card

Just for applying and getting approved for the store rewards credit card, Old Navy starts to reward you. Receive a 10% discount instantly upon approval and use it on your first purchase.

Another way to earn bonus rewards is by signing up to receive email and voice mail messages from Old Navy. Currently you can get up to 1,500 points just for agreeing to be on the Old Navy subscriber list.

Additional Advantages of the Old Navy Credit Card

In addition to earning loyalty rewards, as a cardholder you receive notices of sales and new merchandise before others get the news. You also get special offers reserved just for people who use their Old Navy retail credit card.

Every Tuesday you get to enjoy 10% off at all of the stores except for Athleta and Banana Republic. You also receive special savings for your birthday.

Shopping at Old Navy with an Old Navy credit card is a great way to earn cash toward free or reduced Old Navy merchandise. Compare online credit card rates now!

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