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Olivia Credit CardA travel company for lesbians, Olivia has been providing luxury cruises and resort packages for more than 20 years. With the Olivia credit card you can earn points toward your travel plans or redeem them for other entertainment options. See below for a complete list of features of the Olivia travel credit card.

Olivia is considered a pioneer in creating a community presence for lesbians. They originally began in 1973 as a record label and now they help bring women together for friendship and partnership through various types of travel. Find more credit card offers that support causes you believe in now!

Whether you have a partner or are looking to meet one, Olivia has travel arrangements that can meet your needs. From cruise ships and vacation resorts to international tours, you can enjoy your travel while celebrating who you are.

Use Your Olivia Credit Card for Phenomenal Entertainment

When you travel on Olivia cruises, the entertainment is never dull. They have been headlined with stars such as Melissa Etheridge, Whoopi Goldberg, and Billie Jean King.

Comedians, musicians, singers, and even burlesque are some of the types of entertainment you can enjoy when you travel with Olivia. Usually there are several types of entertainment aboard each cruise ship for a nice mix of variety.

The Rewards Program of the Olivia Credit Card

As a Visa rewards credit card, no matter where you shop you can earn points for Olivia travel credit card benefits or other WorldPoints rewards. For every dollar you spend you receive one point. Points can then be redeemed for Olivia travel discounts or upgrades.

You also have the option of using points for airfare with major airlines. If you prefer to redeem your points for entertainment instead, you can use them to buy concert tickets or you can simply cash in your rewards for merchandise or gift certificates.

Rewarding Olivia While Rewarding Yourself with the Olivia Credit Card

When you use your Olivia credit card, you earn rewards as described above. However, at the same time you are also earning rewards for Olivia, which helps support this lesbian organization.

Olivia receives money every time a new account is opened. They also receive a small amount of proceeds from the issuing bank every time you use your card to make a purchase.

By joining Olivia you can interact with other lesbians, make new friends, and possibly find the partner of your dreams. By using your Olivia credit card you can earn rewards for lesbian travel. Compare online credit card offers now!

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