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OmniPeace Credit CardOmniPeace has created the challenge of ending poverty and violence in the Congo of Africa by the year 2025. Your use of an OmniPeace credit card can help promote awareness of the help that is greatly needed by the women and children of Africa, who are raped, tortured, and killed by the millions. In addition to helping OmniPeace, your credit card earns you rewards for travel and merchandise.

A humanitarian named Mary Fanaro founded the organization OmniPeace and intends to help fund the building of one school every year in Africa. The goal is to educate the children of Africa to help end the cycle of poverty and violence. Compare the benefits of other similar credit cards online.

The organization uses proceeds from its clothing line and other merchandise to fulfill its goals. It also offers an OmniPeace affinity credit card that can be used to help spread the word about this organization and to enlighten people of the severity of the issues at hand.

Reasons to use an OmniPeace Credit Card to Promote Awareness

Experts are unsure of the exact reasons as to why there is such a high statistic of violence against women and children in Africa. Many believe it is the cause of the war on conflict materials.

Conflict materials include tantalum, tin, tungsten, and of course, gold. Unfortunately, many of these minerals are used for electronics, such as your cell phone, your MP3 player, and your laptop.

The industry is worth billions of dollars every year and therefore power struggles exist as to who will control the conflict materials. As a result of this crisis, violence has increased drastically, leaving women and children very vulnerable.

Getting Rewarded by the OmniPeace Credit Card

The OmniPeace credit card has no annual fee but allows you to earn rewards credit card points for use on airline travel, cash back, or merchandise. It also comes with auto rental and travel accident insurance.

Fees Associated with the OmniPeace Credit Card

You may qualify for a 0% introductory rate for up to six months. Thereafter, interest rates are very low, especially for a rewards credit card. Enjoy a 12.99% interest rate for purchases and only a slightly higher rate for balance transfer credit card transactions and cash advances.

Using an OmniPeace credit card not only shows your support of the organization that is determined to end the violence, but it helps promote awareness. Using your card with its OmniPeace logo might spark inquiry and conversation, which helps spread the word. Find more credit card offers now!

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