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OneCall Credit CardWith more than 6,000 items to choose from, OneCall could be your one stop shopping site for all of your electronic and digital needs. You can charge all of your purchases to your OneCall credit card for easy financing and special deals.

OneCall sells diverse equipment in different digital categories, including audio, video, cameras, HDTV, and home theater systems. They also have a variety of home and office supplies and equipment. Compare more credit card offers now!

What You Can Buy with Your OneCall Credit Card

Although your OneCall credit card cannot be used for retailers or service providers other than OneCall, it can be used to buy anything from the OneCall store.

In addition to big ticket electronic items like LED televisions, other merchandise that is available from OneCall include GPS devices, security cameras, and speaker systems. They also have personal items such as shavers and blood pressure monitors.

Promotional Deals with Your OneCall Credit Card

OneCall may offer different promotional deals if you use your OneCall store credit card to make your purchases. Currently you can shop with a 0% interest rate for up to 12 months, giving you time to pay off anything from small purchases like headsets to large purchases like HD television sets.

For the present offer your purchase must meet or exceed $399 in order to qualify for the special financing. You can accomplish this relatively easy, especially if you use your OneCall reward credit card to do your holiday shopping.

The OneCall Credit Card Financing Loopholes

As with many credit cards that offer introductory rates or promotional deals, you must be careful to read the fine print and follow the rules completely. With the OneCall credit card, the 0% offer for 12 months is very straightforward. However, if you fail to do a couple of things correctly, your 0% interest rate can jump up to 29.99%.

In order to maintain your 0% rate you need to make timely payments of at least the minimum amount that is due. You must also pay off your balance in full within the 12 month time frame. The other catch is that you cannot exceed your credit limit at any time during the promotional period.

If you are looking for the one stop shop for a host of gadgets, from healthcare to entertainment, OneCall may have everything you need. Using the OneCall credit card makes it simple and possibly cost effective as long as you are aware of the offer details. Find other credit card offers now!

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