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OneCause Credit CardThrough OneCause you can support your favorite schools or charities without costing you any of your own money. You can further support these organizations by using the OneCause credit card, which is reviewed in detail in this article.

If you are an online shopper, then using OneCause is an easy way to accomplish two tasks at one time. You can shop with your favorite merchants while earning funds for specific schools and not for profit organizations just by shopping through the OneCause network. Compare this benefit and other credit card offers now!

You can also use your Visa credit card from OneCause, which earns additional contributions everywhere you shop as well as from specific merchants, such as 1-800-FLOWERS (4% contribution) or the Residence Inn (9% contribution).

How the OneCause Credit Card Supports Organizations

Every time you use your OneCause affinity credit card, 1% of the total purchase price will be contributed to whatever school or cause you choose. The Visa Rewards Merchants is a network of retailers and service providers who have agreed to contribute even more than 1% of your purchases for your cause.

The very first time you use your rewards credit card, your selected school or charity will receive $20 automatically. Use your card for all of your purchases and see how quickly the rewards are earned for your cause.

The Features of the OneCause Credit Card

There are three different possible interest rates you may be assigned based on your credit history. All of the interest rates are variable and are: 13.24%, 16.24%, and 19.24%

This credit card does not have an annual fee, nor does it come with personal rewards. However, it does come with the knowledge that your purchases are making worthwhile contributions.

The Benefits of the OneCause Credit Card

Although there are no individual card holder rewards associated with the OneCause credit card, it does come with benefits to the cardholder. With this credit card you can receive emergency cash and card replacement as well as purchase security and a warranty manager.

If you travel you may be interested in the travel accident insurance and baggage delay that are included at no additional expense. While not a true travel credit card, the OneCause credit card also comes with an auto rental collision damage waiver.

The OneCause credit card is an easy way to make a difference without doing anything extraordinary or spending any extra money. Just use your OneCause credit card and make automatic contributions to your cause. Find more online credit card offers now!

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