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optionsXpress Credit CardThe optionsXpress Credit Card features many of the things that those looking for a new credit card want. Very favorable terms and conditions combine with an attractive rewards program to make a credit card worth carrying.

optionsXpress is an online pioneer in options trading. They offer expert tools, resources and customized order screens that online traders can benefit from. Those who use optionsXpress are used to quality service and cutting edge products. Therefore they expect nothing but the best from the credit card bearing the company’s name. Find more credit card options now!

Prior to taking out any new credit card, carefully compare the different options available to you. You should also examine your motives for wanting a new credit card and know how you spend money and handle credit. This will equip you to be sure you are finding the optimal card for you.

optionsXpress Credit Card Benefits

With no annual fee, this credit card is one that appeals to a large number of people. An introductory APR of 0% for up to 12 months on purchases and balance transfer credit card transactions is enticing to many also. The APR is very low for those with excellent credit at only 7.24%, while 11.24% APR is for those with good credit. Finally, 18.24% is the higher end APR which is charged to those who do not meet the criteria for the other levels.

optionsXpress Credit Card Rewards

The rewards credit card program with the optionsXpress Credit Card is one that gives you the opportunity to quickly and readily gather valuable rewards points as you shop using your credit card. Every time you spend $1 on your optionsXpress Credit Card, you earn 1 optionsXpress point. When you have 1500 points, you can redeem them for $15 in optionsXpress Rewards, in the form of a deposit to your optionsXpress brokerage account. Your reward can then turn into even more.

Look Into The optionsXpress Credit Card Now

Before you take out your next credit card, let an online credit card comparison tool show you how the optionsXpress Credit Card compares with other credit cards, so you can make the best choice possible for your next credit card. Find credit card offers here and now!

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