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Orbitz Credit Card The Orbitz Credit Card is a great credit card for those who love to travel and especially those who use Orbitz as their preferred travel booking site. The benefits you accumulate through regular use can go a long way towards travel.

Orbitz is a leading travel website that allows you to shop multiple providers at once. It helps you find the flight, hotel, cars, activities and cruises you need, as well as the best deal possible. Compare this with other online credit card offers!

Prior to choosing a rewards credit card of any kind, be sure it is a good fit for you. The rewards should be something you would definitely use. Your spending habits should fit the way rewards are collected so that you don’t need to alter your habits in order to collect the rewards you want.

Orbitz Credit Card Features and Options

The Orbitz Visa Credit Card, offered by Capital One is available in three different formats. Each is a Visa Platinum with no annual fees, a great rewards credit card program and more. However, what sets the cards apart are the fees and the APR. These are determined by your credit level.

If you have excellent credit, you are eligible for a 13.9% standard APR and 0% APR introductory offer on purchases through November 2011. If you have average credit or limited history, your APR is 24.9% with no introductory offer available. While this is a high APR, it is a great way to establish and build your credit for those who fall in these categories.

Orbitz Credit Card Rewards

You get to accumulate points easily with this travel credit card. For every $1 in purchases made using it, you get 1 point. If you make Orbitz purchases with it you get 3 points per $1 spent. You also have bonus opportunities for extra points, like 2000 extra points for each vacation package you book on Orbitz; 1000 points for every hotel booked; 500 points for every airline booked; and 250 points to quick start you every time you redeem points. Redeem your points for things like merchandise, cash, gift cards and travel rewards.

Check Out the Orbitz Credit Card

Look more closely at the benefits offered by the Orbitz Credit Card and other credit cards now by having an online credit card comparison tool help you get started. Compare credit card rates and benefits now!

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