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Palms Rewards Credit Card If you are looking for a hotel credit card that is similar to the Palms Rewards one, consider getting a Marriott Rewards card. Customers can earn points with every purchase that can be redeemed for overnight accommodation at one of the company’s family of hotels.

Three points are awarded on purchases made at eligible Marriott locations. Cardholders can also collect points when they make eligible purchases elsewhere. Once a cardholder has accumulated 15,000 bonus points, they can be redeemed for a seven-night stay at participating Mariott Hotels.

Compare this and other credit card offers for places you frequent! This card offers a number of attractive rewards that a cardholder can use personally or to benefit others in his or her community.

Palms Rewards Credit Card Features: Marriott Features

Customers who have a Marriott Rewards credit card are given three points for every dollar they spend at a Marriott Hotel. One point is credited for every other purchase made with the card.

Cardholders can also access personalized services when they get the card. If they need help with getting dinner reservations, they simply call the concierge for assistance. Reimbursement for lost luggage when travel tickets are paid for using the card is also offered. This card also offers travel credit card benefits like accident insurance and travel emergency service to its customers on a 24/7 basis.

Palms Rewards Credit Card: Marriott Reward Card Benefits

The Marriott Rewards card offers customers their choice of 250 rewards. They can choose from hotel stays, airline tickets and merchandise from participating providers.

Cardholders can even choose to use the points they accumulate to make a donation to a charity of their choice. The organization will either be given a check directly or a dinner certificate that they can use for fundraising purposes.

Palms Rewards Credit Card: Marriott Card for Travelers

If you are or plan to do a lot of traveling throughout the year, consider getting a Marriott Rewards card. You do need to stay in a participating hotel to get the maximum number of points, but you will be rewarded for doing so with a complementary stay at one of these fine establishments. Compare more credit card offers here!

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